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100MA mobile x-ray machine

A customer from Kenya consulted with the 100MA mobile x-ray machine. We usually call an X-ray machine with a high-voltage generator operating frequency lower than 400HZ as the X-ray machine. This type of equipment is mainly used for X-ray photography of human head, limbs, chest and other parts in wards, operating rooms or in the field.
The 100MA mobile x-ray machine produced by our company Newheek is a mobile bedside X-ray machine, using a full-wave rectified X-ray head, the frame adopts a cantilever structure, and an electric collimator, which can conveniently and accurately control the radiation field of X-rays. The whole machine is compact, portable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can be used for X-ray photography in various hospitals and clinics in wards or operating rooms.
The main features of the 100MA mobile x-ray machine are:
1. Single focus, full wave rectification, combined X-ray generator
2. Single-chip control, easy maintenance
3. The operation console with strong vision and sense of operation adopts LCD display
4. 8 photography parameters can be stored in advance, and their condition parameters can be selected, modified and stored
5. With automatic adjustment of power supply voltage, stepless and continuous adjustment of photography
6. The high-voltage primary adopts high-power thyristor zero control circuit
7. It has protections such as loading chain, exposure time, fault automatic alarm, filament preheating, tube component temperature, etc.
8. The frame adopts a cantilever structure, which is small in size and portable.

Author: Lillian

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