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100ma Mobile X Ray Machine

The analogy 100ma mobile x ray machine produced by newheek company is mainly used for X-ray photography of head, limbs, chest and other parts of human body in wards, operating rooms or operating rooms. Because it is a mobile bedside X-ray machine, it adopts full wave rectification and combined X-ray machine head. The frame adopts cantilever structure, so the head positioning is convenient . This machine adopts electric beam limiting, which can control X-ray radiation field conveniently and correctly. This machine is small in size, easy to carry, safe and reliable. 100ma mobile x ray machine can be used in wards or operating rooms of various hospitals and clinics for X-ray photography. It’s just a machine for a field hospital.
100ma mobile x ray machine main features:
Two devices of standard & optional configuration, analog & digital display separately.
Human-computer interaction interface friendly; control unit is simple and easy to operate.
Moves flexible, safe and stable, independent and efficient, convenient maintenance.
Single focus, full-wave rectifier, combined x-ray generator.
Optional configuration digital machine with CLD back light display, microprocessor of control circuit, automatic testing and tracking system of supply voltage.
Premier high voltage with SCR zero passage control circuit, tube assembly temperature protection, load chains exposure time control, auto alarm, preheat filament, over-voltage & under voltage protection.

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