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100ma veterinary X-ray machine advantage

The 100ma veterinary X-ray head is movable and adopts red light centering technology, which is easy to operate and accurate in positioning. veterinary X-ray machine adopts non – contact switch element, image no flicker, no mechanical noise when taking pictures, not to distract the pet.
Wireless remote control technology can be used, no direction, remote control distance is not less than 10 meters.
100ma veterinary X ray machine advantage
The 100ma veterinary X-ray machine is mainly used for X-ray photography of critical patients such as emergency rooms, isolation rooms, wards and operating rooms, or any patients who are inconvenient to move. It can also be equipped for routine X-ray examination to facilitate the photography of head, limbs, chest and abdomen.
Newheek 100ma animal X – ray machine is designed for photographing animals.
Newheek 100ma veterinary X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.

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