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What is the type of configuration limiter for X-ray machine?

X-ray machine refers to the equipment for diagnosing patients by X-rays through various images formed by the human body. The configuration of the X-ray machine has two types of beam limiters for 125KV bulbs and 150KV bulbs. X The configuration of the optical machine limits the effect of limiting the amount of radiation emitted by the tube in the X-ray machine.


During the operation of the X-ray machine, different devices are required to work together to generate X-rays, control X-rays, and diagnose the human body. The bulb provides a light source for the X-ray machine, the beam limiter constrains the control beam, the high-voltage generator supplies the light source, and the high-voltage cable connects the bulb and the generator to transport the high voltage. One X-ray requires two high-voltage cables. working.
Therefore, the ball tube, beam limiter, high voltage generator, high voltage cable is an essential configuration for an X-ray . The configuration of the X-ray machine is also divided into three types: manual electric and automatic. The basic configuration of the X-ray  is available in 125KV and 150KV.

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