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1688 Inquiry Dongguan Customer Inquiry X-ray Machine

On August 9, 2022, 1688 inquiries were received. Dongguan customers inquired about X-ray machines. The customer said that the user bought the X-ray machine for the cheapest inspection, and would not use the 5KW portable X-ray machine to send the relevant information to the customer in the later stage. , reported 5KW portable X-ray machine + motor frame * 10,000, 5KW portable X-ray machine + folding T-shaped frame * 10,000.
The customer said that it felt relatively simple, and consulted the price of the fixed X-ray machine, and told that the price of the fixed X-ray machine was relatively high, which must have exceeded the user’s budget. Send relevant information to customers, and suggest that customers and users decide which one to choose.
If you are interested in the X-ray machine, you are welcome to contact us, the consultation telephone number: +8617616362243!

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