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200mA X-ray machine weight

Recently, a customer asked about the weight of a 200mA X-ray machine. The 200mA X-ray machine mentioned here refers to a simulated 200mA X-ray machine. The 200mA X-ray machine is composed of a high-voltage generator, an X-ray tube assembly, and a photographic flat bed. So the weight of the 200mAX machine
It is determined by this component. Let me introduce the main parameters of the 200mA X-ray machine.
High voltage generator capacity 15 KVA
Maximum DC output voltage 100 KV
Maximum DC output current 200mA
X-ray tube
Small focus: 1×1mm,
Big focus: 2×2mm
Photography flat bed bed size 2000mm×710mm×700mm
Regarding the weight of the 200mA X-ray machine, the net weight is 550KG, the gross weight is 650KG, and the packaging size is 244*13*102cm.
See here, everyone knows the weight of the 200mA X-ray machine.

Author: Lillian

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