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300mA medical X-ray machine

The 300mA medical X-ray machine is mainly used in: general photography and filter photography. The wire grid is used to filter out the influence of scattered rays on the film. Should be placed between the human body and the film, most of the scattered rays can be filtered out, and only a small part of the scattered rays can be leaked. Grid photography can improve the quality of X-ray medical equipment, filter scattered rays, reduce fog, and improve contrast.
In the case where the thickness and density of the object being photographed is relatively large, the use of a grid can improve the quality of the film.
It is recommended to use a grid for filming with a high-frequency machine, and the effect will be better.
Main features of 300mA medical X-ray machine:
●Single sheet tube
●Rotating anode X-ray tube assembly
●Single phase full wave rectifier high voltage generator
●Power supply voltage (V), radiographic kilovolts (kv), continuous adjustment
●Filament regulator with X-ray tube and space charge compensator
●Radiograph capacity kV, mA and S interlock protection
●Adopt digital circuit timer to accurately control the exposure time
●Primary high-voltage high-power SCR zero-crossing control circuit
●Camera bed, column, vibrating grid have linkage device

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