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30mA medical bedside machine

30mA medical bedside machine is a mobile film machine for the ward, operating room or the field of human head, limbs, chest and other parts for X-ray photography.The 30mA medical bedside machine produced by Newheek has the following advantages:
1. Dedicated for photography in hospital wards and emergency rooms
2. Flexible mobile operation performance
3, wireless remote exposure, greatly reduce the radiation dose of doctors
30mA medical bedside machine main parameters:
1. Power supply conditions:
Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;
Power supply frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;
Power capacity: ≥5kVA;
Ω power allows maximum resistance: 1
2. Photography conditions:
Tube voltage: 40-90kV in 11 grades, each grade is 5kV;
Tube current: 30, 50mA total 2 grades;
Time interval: 0.05s-6s total 20 grades.
3. Mechanical properties:
When the X-ray generator window is downward, the range of activity between the focus and the ground is 450mm ~ 1770mm.
The rotation Angle of the X-ray generator around the horizontal axis is ±180.
The rotation Angle around the vertical axis of the X-ray generator is ±90.
Overall dimension of the machine: 1290 (length) ×680 (width) ×1935 (height) (mm)

30mA medical bedside machine

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