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Portable X-ray Fluoroscopy Machine (Net Weight 4kg)

Scope of application:
☆ Mainly used in hospital orthopedics as X-ray diagnosis of limbs and other smaller and thinner parts
☆ Used for veterinary medical diagnosis
☆ Use in scientific research and testing occasions
☆ Used in other non-destructive testing occasions

Working principle/structural composition:
☆ Using X-ray to penetrate the measured object, display the image of the internal structure of the measured object on the front-end LCD screen of the X-ray receiver
☆ It consists of high voltage generator, X-ray tube, X-ray receiver, beam limiter, rack, power supply, etc.

☆ Appearance C-shaped design, made of ABS engineering plastics, beautiful, light and firm
☆ The size of the host is 51cm*36cm*12cm, easy to carry
☆ The screen displays no noise, high brightness, clear black and white images
☆ Can be used indoors and outdoors, no dark room required
☆ There are many optional functions, the operating frequency of the host is 20Khz
☆ The design life of the whole machine is 10 years
☆ One-button operation switch machine
Product parameters:
Effective field of view: ≤Φ50 mm
Thickness of the measured object: ≤300 mm
X-ray tube operating voltage: 45-70 KV continuous adjustment
Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤±10%
X-ray tube operating current: 0.5mA
Steady flow accuracy: ≤±20%
Deviation between focus position and reference axis: ±1 mm
Image resolution: ≤3 lp/mm
Mainframe working frequency: 20 KHZ
X-ray leakage rate: ≤0.33 mGy/h
Input power: AC 220V±10%
Host size: 51cm * 36cm * 12cm
Host net weight: <4kg

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