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    30mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

30mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

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1. It is used on x-ray radiography and fluoroscopy for ward and emergency ward.

2. United x-ray generator.

3. Single focus, full-wave rectification.

4. Accurate design, safe, reliable, flexible.

5. Remote control device(remote control range≥5meters).

Main Parameters

X-Ray Generator

Stationary Anode, single focus, bridge silicon rectification, oil-immersed self-cooling

Max. Nominal Capacity  85kVp, 30mA

Power Supply Condition

Power Voltage: 180~240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Capacity: should not less than 3kVA

Internal Resistance: should not more than 0.7Ω

Tube Voltage Adjustment Range  50~85kVp divided into 8 steps

Electric Timer       0.2~10s

Fluorescent Size    280mm×350mm

Distance from Focus to Fluorescent Screen  700mm

Support Stand Moving Range

Up-Down: 1100mm

Left-Right: 160mm

Support Stand Assemblies Rotating Angle 90°

Control Assemblies and accessory case Rotating Angle 80°

X-Ray Tube Parameters

XD1-3/100 stationary anode, single focus 2.3mm

Transportation Size(L×W×H)(mm) 1650×880×600


Net Weight: 98 Gross Weight: 164

30mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

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