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500mA medical diagnostic film machine

1、Product Usage:

500mA medical diagnostic film machine for medical units for the human body chest, limbs, pelvic and lumbar and other parts of the photographic examination.


(1)Microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, easy to operate.

(2)New design of high frequency high voltage generator Exposure conditions are stable and accurate, reducing the amount of radiation while reducing the generation of soft rays, the effective protection of patients and doctors.

(3)Simple and convenient position display.

According to select the patient shape, location, automatically set the exposure parameters, and can be saved and amended.

(4)New bed design

Rotation angle accurate, multi-angle photography, to meet the clinical needs.

(5)Reliable safety features.

Fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately determine the fault status, and can automatically protect, display fault code, accurate and convenient.

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