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500MA Vertical Diagnostic X-ray Machine

Newheek 500MA Vertical Diagnostic X-ray Machine is mainly used in the hospital for chest, abdomen, bone and soft tissue of the fluoroscopy.
According to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of around 6:00 on April 10th, Beijing time, there were a total of 1,582,904 confirmed cases of global new coronary pneumonia, a total of 94,077 deaths, and a total of 351,201 cured cases.

The New Corona virus continues to spread, and the epidemic situation in some countries is still not optimistic. For example, New York State in the United States has added 799 deaths in a single day, which is the largest increase since the epidemic. Thousands of French nursing homes have died and faced the dilemma of detection and lack of materials. At the same time, the epidemic situation in some countries has significantly eased. For example, the number of newly confirmed cases in Iran has declined for 10 consecutive days; Italy is expected to gradually lift some control measures to curb the spread of new coronary pneumonia from the end of April.
This product has a certain effect on the epidemic
Types of X-ray machines for photography and Perspective

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