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500ma X- ray machine features

500ma X-ray machine is an important equipment for general photography of the head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebra, limbs and other parts of the human body in horizontal position, forward position and lateral position.
Our 500ma X-ray machine is available with an optional stand for routine head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, spine, and peripheral imaging.
500ma X ray machine features
Newheek 500ma X-ray machine features include:
1. With high configuration and high performance, it can meet the requirements of head, chest, lumbar vertebra and limb photography examination.
2. According to the principle of human anatomy, the program control is adopted to make the operation convenient and simple
3. Computer control technology, accurate X-ray output, good repeatability, and good X-ray imaging effect.
The quality and price of our 500ma X-ray machine can meet your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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