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500mA X-ray machine power requirements

1. Working conditions of the unit: three-phase five-wire 50 HZ AC power supply, 380V line voltage, power supply voltage fluctuation range within ± 38V, power supply internal resistance ≤0.5Ω, grounding resistance ≤0.2Ω;
2. Electric box: Please use the electric box as shown below. In addition to the content shown in the figure, the electric box should also have a power indicator, a ground terminal, and the electric box has a good protective ground. Note: The user is responsible for providing a reliable protective ground wire for the unit, and is responsible for leading the ground wire from the ground body to the ground terminal in the power distribution box in the equipment room. The grounding body is connected to the electric switch box by a multi-strand copper core wire with a diameter of more than 16 square millimeters.

3. X-ray machine system power supply cable:
3.1. It is best to configure special power cables from the power transformer to the power box in the equipment room, and must be copper core cables.
3.2. High-power inductive loads are not allowed to be connected to this power cable. Such as air conditioners, elevators, refrigerators, etc., in order to avoid interference caused by equipment starting and stopping.
3.3. In order to ensure that the internal resistance value of the power supply meets the requirements of the equipment, the user needs to ask a professional electrician to select a copper core cable of appropriate thickness according to the actual laying length of the cable and the internal resistance of the transformer output.
The following data is for reference: the transformer is less than 50 meters from the electric box, and 30 square copper core cables can be used. The transformer is 50 to 100 meters from the electric box, and 50 square copper core cables can be used. Friendly reminder: When the power condition does not meet the requirements, it will cause the unit to malfunction when used in large conditions.
Four, electromagnetic interference requirements
In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit, the unit must be placed in a static magnetic field environment of less than 0.05 millitesla, and the installation site must be away from MR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and other strong magnetic field equipment.
Special tips: 1. When the environmental conditions do not meet the requirements, it will cause the unit to often fail during use. 2. Since the actual conditions of each user’s computer room are different, if there are deviations, please refer to the requirements of our company’s installation engineer.
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