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50KW radiology X-ray machine

50KW radiology X-ray machine is an important medical X-ray equipment for human body photography. Recently, many customers are interested in our 50KW radiology X-ray machine. An Argentine client inquired about our X-ray machine.
He is a radiologist.For his needs, what he needs is a 500ma radiology X-ray machine.
Newheek 50KW radiology X-ray machine is divided into two types: radiology and perspective. What he needs is a film taking machine.
50KW radiology X ray machine
Our 50KW radiology X-ray machine base configuration includes X-ray tube, collimator, radiology table and console.In addition, our bucky stand and the flat panel detector are optional parts. In response to his needs, we recommended appropriate vertical bucky stand and 14*17 inch flat plate detector for him.
Customers are very satisfied with our products and prices.
Newheek 50KW radiology X-ray machine can meet your different purchasing needs.

Author: Glinda

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