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50ma bedside X-ray machine features

50 ma bedside X-ray machine in were taken by the bed, turn the arm can rotate 180 ° Angle. 50ma X-ray machine with a portable cart, so that the function of flexible access to the ward, convenient for medical staff.
The 50ma bedside X-ray machine adopts high-voltage silicon full-wave rectifier technology. Compared with the half-wave self-rectifying X-ray machine, the efficiency of X-ray tube is improved.
50ma bedside X ray machine features
The current consumption of the machine is only two thirds of that of the half-wave self-rectifying X-ray machine, which reduces the requirement of power supply capacity and improves the clarity of film taking and perspective.
The high inverse peak voltage full wave rectifier does not exist in half – wave self – rectifying X-ray machines. The 50ma bedside X-ray machine has a dual indicating system of indicating light and sound when taking pictures, which makes it convenient for both doctors and patients.
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