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A circular grid for image intensifiers.

Newheek’s grids can be used for repair or replacement.

Last week, a customer found us through the website, mainly asking about our grid. Ask the customer about the specific company information, as well as the customer’s contact details, as well as the size and purpose of the grid that the customer needs. Then we learned that what the customer needs is the grid for the image intensifier, the customer gives the required parameters, the grid density: 40L / CM grid ratio: 8:1 focal length: 1000mm, we recommend us to the customer The grid density is 60L/CM, the grid ratio is 10:1, the focal length is 1000mm grid, and the size is given to the customer as required. After the quotation, the customer felt that the price was acceptable, let us make a contract, and now we are preparing for delivery.

If you are interested in our circular grids for image intensifiers, please feel free to contact us.

Author: Yevette

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