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A company inquired about wall-mounted dental X-ray machines

A client of a company consulted our Newheek wall-mounted dental X-ray machine. The customer is a dealer, and has collected a lot of supplier information before, and now he comes out to inquire mainly to compare prices. The customer said that because his order quantity is relatively large each time, he hopes that it can be as cheap as possible on the basis of quantity. I sent the wall-mounted dental X-ray machine product information to the customer and asked the customer what is the budget price? After reading the catalogue of the wall-mounted dental X-ray machine, the client told me his budget. I told my client that his budget price is relatively low. You can compare the parameters of our wall-mounted dental X-ray machine first, and then compare the prices on the basis of the same parameters. The client said he would, and will contact me later.

wall-mounted dental X-ray machines

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