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A customer asked about medical dental x-ray machine

A few days ago, a customer called and said that he had seen information about medical dental x-ray machines from our website and was very interested, so he called to find out. The customer saw the dental film machine and the panoramic machine, and asked about the difference between the two?
Therefore, the customer is told that the digital panoramic machine can take 2D images of all teeth, while the dental film machine can only take a few teeth images. Aside from the medical point of view, from the general human logic, the former can be treated while discovering dental problems and preventing them in time. , While the latter can only be checked and treated after finding the problem.
The customer also asked whether the radiation of this X-ray machine medical dental X-ray machine has a great impact on the human body? The response is not large and will not cause harm to the human body, but when pregnant women come for inspection, it is best to bring radiation protection suits just in case. For some diseases, the risk of not receiving X-rays is greater than the risk of X-rays affecting the fetus. When performing photography, the technician must be able to grasp the calculation of the skin dose for one inspection as shown in Appendix 1, and should implement it in a reasonably low-dose method (ALARA) as much as possible. If the chest, head, hands, etc. are far away from the fetus, the exposure range should be minimized, and masking should be used. During pregnancy, any part can be X-rayed. For example, when a pregnant woman undergoes a chest X-ray examination, the dose to the uterus is usually less than 10uGY (lmrad).
In dentistry, if X-rays are unavoidable, as long as they are protected (X-rays avoid the abdomen), X-rays are still allowed, but the best way is to do a full mouth check before pregnancy and treat in advance. Suffered from dental disease during pregnancy.
The application of X-ray in dentistry is very important. Because most of the tissues and diseases in the oral and maxillofacial regions are in places that cannot be seen directly by the naked eye. So without the help of X-rays, we would not be able to make a good diagnosis and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.
The above is all about the dental X-ray machine, please call us for consultation~

Author: Lillian

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