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A customer inquired about lead clothing

Asked for company information, the customer has been unread and has not responded to the information.
Lead clothing is a special kind of clothing. The lead coat can shield the radiation to minimize the injury of the patient during the physical examination. The state requires that the non-examined parts, especially the gonads and thyroid glands, must be shielded and protected when performing radiological examinations. In the hospital, for doctors, radiation protection walls, radiation protection doors, windows and lead clothing can play a very good protective role during examinations. For patients, a set of lead scarves, aprons and hats are needed to protect Use yourself to maximize the effect of the lead coat, so that the damage of the rays to yourself is minimized. Lead clothing is an indispensable and best radiation protection tool for hospitals, chemical industry, national defense, etc.
If you are interested in lead clothing, you are welcome to contact us.

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