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Advantages of Newheek electric stand

Recently, some customers asked about the advantages of Newheek electric stand? The following editor will tell you about the advantages of Newheek electric stand (as shown in the figure below)
Newheek electric stand is mobile, portable and lightweight
Newheek electric stand has 2 universal wheels and 2 brake wheels
Newheek electric stand can hang any type of portable head
The Newheek electric stand can be lifted up and down, and the height can be adjusted at will
Newheek electric stent is easy to assemble, which is convenient for doctors to get started quickly
Our company is a manufacturer that produces and sells X-ray products. Our electric stand can be used with portable X-ray machines. If you are interested in our electric stand, you are welcome to contact us. Tel (whatsapp): +8617616362243!

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