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An intelligent technology company in Hunan consulted about pet X-ray machines

Today a smart technology company in Hunan saw our pet X-ray machine on Taobao and contacted us. After communicating with customers, we know what customers need. Our pet X-ray machines are generally divided into 3 types: portable, mobile and fixed. The mobile pet X-ray machine is a portable pet X-ray machine with a mobile rack. Fixed pet X-ray machines are mainly divided into two types: one is a pet X-ray machine that can be directly hung on a pet bed and used in combination with a portable X-ray machine, and the other is a combination of a beamer, a bulb, and a high-voltage generator. Combined pet X-ray machine. The client wanted a portable pet X-ray machine and indicated that they needed a pet bed as well. If you want an imaging system, you can use it with a flat panel detector. We have two sizes of flat panel detectors, 1417 and 1717, which are divided into wired and wireless.
If you also want to buy pet X-ray machines and pet beds, please contact us (whatsapp): +8617616362243!

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