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An introduction to the portable X-ray machine

Today I learned about a new product, the portable X-ray machine
Portable X-ray machine refers to the bedside X-ray machine, which can be pushed to the ward for X-ray examination.
Portability emphasizes mobility, ease of positioning, and special image processing algorithms for bed side images.Moreover, this kind of equipment is widely used in some large hospitals, which can be placed in the operating room, ICU and orthopedics department for the convenience of taking films for patients in bed.
With the rapid development of Chinese hospitals, this product is gradually popularized in hospitals below grade ii.
With good protection, the received dose of the staff is generally not high.The dose of the patient, the detector material has a great impact, and the CCD detector requires much higher imaging dose than the CR and DR detectors.
So a good X-ray machine also needs a good DR flat plate detector


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