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Angolan customer consults our double-column x-ray machine

I recently received a customer inquiries about our double-column X-ray machine. After understanding, I learned that the customer is a large local medical equipment company and wanted to find a suitable mobile DR for chest radiographs for the hospital. After many types of X-ray machines, I decided to take a closer look, added the customer’s contact information, and sent the customer the product information of our double-column X-ray machine.
Our double-column X-ray machine adopts microcomputer control, LCD display and easy operation. The newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator, the exposure conditions are stable and accurate, while reducing the radiation dose while reducing the generation of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors. Simple and convenient body position display, according to the selected patient’s body shape and location, the exposure parameters can be automatically set, and can be saved and corrected. The rotation angle is accurate, and the multi-angle photography mode meets the clinical needs. The fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault status, and can automatically protect, display the fault code, which is accurate, convenient and timely. The digital flat-panel detector is used, the performance is stable, and the X-ray dose is greatly reduced.

Author: Lillian

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