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Application of 5m 75KV high voltage cable connector

The 5m 75KV high voltage cable connector mainly refers to the intermediate cable connector, that is, the two high voltage cables are connected into one cable through this part for connecting with other equipment and lines.


The 5m 75KV high voltage cable connector is an indispensable part in the cable line. It is used to realize the connection of two cables and improve the electric field at the end of two cables.

Long circuits must be connected by two or more cables, which requires a high voltage cable connector.

1. Contact resistance: plugs, sockets for each contact contact resistance should be no greater than 0.001 Ω.

2. Dc withstand voltage: three-core cable plug and socket contact with the ground to apply 94kV (peak) pulse dc voltage for 15min without breakdown.

1) when the plug and socket are not powered on, the service life of the plug and socket shall be no less than 1000 times;

2) three core cable plug and socket in 70 kv (peak), 50 hz ac voltage, oil temperature 100 ℃ condition, electricity 200 h no breakdown phenomenon.

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