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Application of X-ray machine for medical diagnosis

Modern medicine is very important for human health. After X-ray machine diagnosis and imaging, doctors can diagnose again, which has great effect on disease treatment. Medical imaging has improved the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions in children and adults.

Both radiography and fluorescence examination work on the same basic principle: the X-ray beam passes through the human body, part of which is absorbed or scattered by the internal structure, and the rest of the X-ray images are transmitted to the detector for computer recording or further processing, which is the newheek X-ray machine. The purpose of these tests is different: radiography – recording individual images for later evaluation. Mammography is a special kind of radiography, which can image the internal structure of breast. Fluorescence examination – continuous X-ray images are displayed on the monitor, so that the real-time monitoring of the process or passing of contrast agent through the human body can be carried out. Fluoroscopy can result in higher radiation doses, especially for complex interventional procedures that require long-term fluoroscopy (e.g., placing stents or other devices in the body).

CT – many X-ray images are recorded when the detector moves around the patient’s body. The computer reconstructs all individual images into cross-sectional images or “slices” of internal organs and tissues. Because CT images are reconstructed from many individual X-ray projections, CT examination requires a higher dose of radiation than conventional X-ray radiography.

The discovery of X-ray and the invention of CT represent the great progress of medicine. X-ray imaging is considered to be a valuable medical tool for various examinations and procedures.


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