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Are dr images x-rays?

Recently, a good customer asked if the dr image is an x-ray? dr image is a kind of X-ray film, which belongs to a kind of digital X-ray examination, and is currently the examination method used by most of the better hospitals.
Compared with ordinary X-ray films and CR examinations, DR has many advantages. For example, the examination time is relatively short, and the examination of relevant parts can usually be completed in a few seconds, and its radiation dose to the human body is relatively low. The radiation dose to the human body in the DR examination is about a few tenths of a millisievert, which is similar to the surrounding natural background radiation, and there is no obvious damage to the human body after the examination. Compared with conventional X-ray films, the image resolution of dr images is higher, so at present, many hospital physical examinations or routine admission examinations will choose to use DR.

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