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Are x-ray machines harmful to pets?

Taking X-rays in animals does not cause much harm to the body. The radiation dose of veterinary X-ray machines is very small, almost negligible. The radiation dose is one-two-hundredth of that of human X-ray machines. The ones that come out are within the absolute safety range, so taking pictures of small animals once in a while will not have much impact on the body, so you don’t have to worry about it. X-ray film examination is more widely used in bone and joint.
You should also pay attention when taking X-ray machines for pets: first, let the pet doctor provide you with lead clothing, lead caps, and radiation-proof glasses if conditions permit; generally pets need to take 2 X-rays, if you need to continue taking pictures, Then ask for a replacement; when you give the dog an X-ray, your body should not be exposed to the X-ray light source, because the part illuminated by the light is the place where the X-ray passes through, and the characteristic of the X-ray is that it will not turn , and the longer the distance, the stronger the attenuation; if you don’t go to Baoding the dog, but only let the dog see you, then you can stand 1 meter away from the X-ray machine, because the power of the pet X-ray machine , The radiation range of X-rays is generally within 1 meter.

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