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Bedside X-ray machine mobile filming machine

Bedside X-ray machine mobile filming machine, refers to the X-ray machine that can be used at the bedside. It is suitable for taking pictures of the head, limbs, thoracic cavity, waist and abdomen of the human body in wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICU, etc. Of mobile diagnostic equipment. Because of its small size, it can also be used for animal X-ray inspection.
The bedside X-ray machine is a mobile filming machine, the tube supports the arm to swing freely, the rocker arm is self-balanced, the positioning is flexible and accurate, and the coverage is wide. The bedside X-ray machine moves the filming machine, the X-ray tube rotates around the bracket up and down and the beam limiter light source is positioned and rotated in the same plane, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator’s positioning and improve the work efficiency.

100ma bedside X ray machine

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