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Brief introduction of medical portable X-ray machine

Medical portable X-ray machines are also called medical portable X-ray machines or medical X-ray fluoroscopy instruments. This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, mainly used in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments and school medical offices. Because of its low cost, low X-ray dose (high safety), simple operation, small size, most of which can be connected to a computer for processing and printing, etc., it meets the equipment gap of medical institutions that are insufficient to accommodate large X-ray machine equipment, and has received many The favor of the medical industry and workers.
Our company’s portable X-ray machine has two specifications of 50ma and 100ma. Because the dose of 50ma is relatively small, it is suitable for irradiating arms, legs, or small animals; the 100ma machine can irradiate arms, legs, and head, You can also irradiate the chest, as long as it is not particularly fat, the chest can be used if it is not particularly thick, so this year, when the new coronary pneumonia is raging, the portable X-ray machine has become a best-selling product. All names require 100ma portable X-ray machine.

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