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Brief introduction of portable dental X-ray machine

The portable dental X-ray machine adopts new technology and new technology to make the structure and shape of the conventional X-ray machine diversified.With small size, light weight, low radiation, extremely clear imaging, high efficiency, easy to carry out home visits, easy to place.

Portable dental X-ray machine adopts high frequency DC rechargeable power supply, which produces more stable X-ray and anti-electricity effect than external power supply. Unique internal lead shielding technology protects operators and patients from dispersed radiation. Programmed buttons allow quick selection of film or digital sensor modes to store exposure times depending on the operator’s usage.
The portable dental X-ray machine is mainly composed of high voltage generator, X-ray tube, central data processor, control chip and rechargeable lithium battery. Dark room film can be applied. One charge, can shoot more than 100 times.
Newheek portable dental X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.



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