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C-arm X-ray machine features

C-arm X-ray machines are usually divided into large C, medium C and small C. The features of its c-arm are as follows:
1. The high-voltage generator with higher power is suitable for imaging the high-density tissue of obese patients, and the bulb with higher heat capacity can meet the needs of long-term and large number of surgeries.
2, the domestic leading full pulse perspective, intelligent exposure control, to achieve ultra-low radiation dose.
3. Multiple working modes to meet various clinical needs.
C arm X ray machine features
4. Multi-leaf and vertical light and shadow control can effectively reduce soft X-ray and significantly reduce skin dose.
5. Imported brand image intensifier, full digital CCD camera, providing high-quality high-resolution images.
6, high resolution dual medical LCD monitor, greatly improve the image effect.
7, double panel human figure LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation, double motion control system, double exposure foot brake design, greatly meet the clinical operation.
Newheek C arm X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.

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