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C-arm X ray machine

C-arm, X-ray imaging equipment for interventional radiology and orthopaedic surgery.
The C-arm consists of a C frame, an X-ray tube, an image intensifier for image acquisition, a CCD camera and a workstation for image processing. It is mainly used for angiography and photography in various operations. It is also different from other X-ray devices such as U-arm and G-arm.
C-arm is mainly used in orthopaedics for osteoplasty, reduction and nailing. It is also used in surgery for foreign body removal, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation, partial interventional therapy, partial angiography and local photography. It can also cooperate with ozone machine to treat pain, needle knife treatment, gynecological salpingectomy and so on.
C-arm X ray machine

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