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Can a portable X-ray machine be placed anywhere?

The portable X-ray machine will not emit X-rays when it is not exposed, and there is no special need to pay attention when saving, but it also needs to be placed in a place where it is not easy to be bumped.
But when the portable X-ray machine is used, it is best to put it in a protective lead room, and the operator can control the exposure and edit the picture outside the lead room. If it is carried out for use, it is recommended that the portable X-ray machine be placed in a lead screen, or the operator should wear lead protective equipment. When you go out, you need to use a special packaging and transportation box.
Portable X-ray machines are favored by hospitals at all levels because of their small size, light weight, convenient storage, and functions that meet the needs of personal clinics, hospital outpatient clinics, and wards.

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