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Can an X-ray machine detect air bubbles in tires?

Recently, a customer asked whether the X-ray machine can detect air bubbles in tires? The answer is yes, we have done similar projects before. To detect air bubbles in tires, we need to use our industrial stereoscopic X-ray machine. The main components of the industrial stereoscopic X-ray machine are divided into three categories: 1. Mechanical part: composed of a column bracket, a rotary table, a lift, etc. 2 , Image intensifier TV system: composed of image intensifier, digital camera (host + software), liquid crystal display 3. X-ray high-voltage generator: high-voltage generator host, console, tube, beam light, high-voltage cable, etc.
The functions of each part are described in detail below: the column bracket is composed of a column body and a cross arm, the cross arm can move up and down along the column, the image intensifier + digital camera is installed on the right side of the cross arm, and the left side of the cross arm is installed The one is the tube + beam light device. Under normal circumstances, the left and right sides of the cross arm can be retracted. The rotary table is composed of a base and a lift. The base can move forward and backward along the direction of the column. There is a knob on the lift that can be lifted up and down. The high-voltage generator supplies high-voltage to the tube, which emits X-rays, and the beamer restricts the X-rays. There is a window on the beamer to adjust the size of the field of view. This series of operations are all integrated into the remote console for operation. Among them, the LCD console on the high-voltage generator can adjust the size of KV and MA, and there is a handbrake switch on it.
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