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Can dental X-ray machines take pictures of small animals?

Before answering, we must first have a certain understanding of dental X-ray machines.
A dental X-ray machine is an X-ray device used to examine the mouth and teeth. It uses low-dose X-rays to image through the mouth so that the doctor can see details of the teeth and related areas.
There are two basic types of this device: portable and standing. Portable X-ray machines are usually used in mobile clinics and other scenarios, while vertical X-ray machines are usually installed in dental clinics.
The dental X-ray machine can be combined with a digital sensor (digital imaging system) to form a dental DR for real-time imaging. Dental X-ray machines are widely used in dental clinical diagnosis, periodontal disease treatment, dental implant surgery, tooth root canal treatment, etc. It helps dentists accurately diagnose patients’ oral problems and develop the best treatment plan. It also reduces radiation dose and photo time to improve patient safety and comfort.
Because of its low dosage, simplicity and portability, many veterinarians use it to take pictures of the teeth of small animals, such as hamsters, rabbits, etc. Therefore, this machine can shoot some small animals according to the application scenarios.
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