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Can the mobile X-ray machine take pictures of the lumbar spine?

Nowadays, more and more people use X-ray machines. Both hospitals and clinics need an X-ray machine to better diagnose patients. X-ray machines are divided into many types, including mobile and fixed. Yes, so can the mobile X-ray machine take pictures of the lumbar spine? Let’s take a look together.
The mobile X-ray machine is our 100mA portable X-ray machine and mobile rack. This X-ray machine is small in size and light in weight. It can be moved with the mobile rack and can be used indoors and outdoors. This 100mA portable X-ray machine There is no problem at all in taking chest radiographs, limbs, and cervical spine. It is okay to take pictures of the lumbar spine in the frontal position, but there is no way to shoot the lumbar side view thoroughly, because the dose of the portable machine is relatively small, and the lumbar spine still needs a larger dose. X light machine.
If you have a lot of lumbar spine shots here, it is recommended to choose fixed equipment, such as our sickle arm X-ray machine, which has 30KW and 50KW. There is no problem at all in shooting various parts of the body, and the lumbar spine is also very clear. , with a flat-panel detector and a computer, it can be imaged directly on the computer, and the image is clear.
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