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Can X-ray grids be used with digital radiography systems?

X-ray grids can be used with DR systems to improve image quality. While early DR X-ray machines were not very compatible with grids due to their sensitivity to scattered radiation, modern DR technology has advanced to the point where they can be effectively adapted to grids. Digital flat panel detectors can now handle the higher doses required when using grids without sacrificing image quality or unduly increasing patient radiation. The grid helps reduce scattered radiation reaching the FPD, enhancing image contrast and clarity. However, using grids in a DR system requires careful consideration of grid ratios, frequency and alignment, and ensuring optimal image quality. Proper integration of grids with digital radiography systems can significantly improve diagnostic accuracy and image quality in medical imaging applications. We are a manufacturer of X-ray machines and their accessories. If you have any needs for xray grids, please feel free to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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