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Cesium iodide plate detector and amorphous silicon

Plate detectors can be divided into amorphous silicon plate detectors and amorphous selenium plate detectors according to their internal structure. The scintillator of amorphous silicon plate detector is usually made of cesium iodide or gadolinium sulfide.
Scintillation will present on the surface of the detector through the human body X-ray attenuation after converted to visible light, the amorphous silicon under the scintillator photodiode array and visible light is converted to electrical signals, the capacitance of the photodiode itself form the storage charge, storage charge of each pixel is proportional to the incident X-ray intensity, in under the action of control circuit, scan read each pixel storage charge, After A/D conversion, the output digital signal is sent to the computer for image processing to form digital X-ray image.
The amorphous silicon plate detector using cesium iodide as scintillator has higher cost performance and is more popular with customers.

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