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Characteristics of U-arm X-ray machine

U- arm X-ray machine, using automatic digital control drive technology, accurate and reliable.Handheld controller, mask button, LCD touch screen three convenient and quick control.
Features of the Newheek u-arm X-ray machine include:
1. The new u-arm special photographic bed, with floating electromagnetic locking design on the bed surface, is convenient for accurate positioning of recumbent patients during photography.
2. The new DR special console design, using the graphical true color touch LCD full digital intelligent control system, simple and clear operation, easy and safe to use.
Characteristics of U arm X ray machine
3. Set the parameters of multi-position, multi-position and multi-body photography for adults, children and other human body features, and users can modify and store them freely to make the operation more convenient.
4. High quality high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply are adopted, with good X-ray quality, low skin dose, good image clarity and contrast.
5. KV, mAs digital closed-loop control technology, real-time microprocessor control, ensure accurate output dose, good repeatability.
6. With multiple automatic protection and fault warning functions, the instrument is more safe and reliable.
Newheek U-arm X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.

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