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Common digital gastrointestinal machine

Digital gastrointestinal machine is no stranger to everyone. At present, most young people in China have suffered from gastrointestinal diseases. This digital gastrointestinal machine is a device that uses X-rays to examine the body.
It is mainly used for imaging diagnosis of various diseases of throat, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is the main inspection method for various diseases such as ulcers, tumors and foreign bodies. At the same time, the digital gastrointestinal machine can also perform fluoroscopy, some vascular and non-vascular interventional treatments.
The digital gastrointestinal machine is mainly composed of a high-pressure generator, bulb tube, image intensifier, electronic examination table exposure console and digital processing workstation. The essence of the digital gastrointestinal machine is a multifunctional digital imaging system. X-rays are converted into visible light by an influence intensifier, and visible light is converted into a video signal by a charge-coupled device, and then transmitted to a monitor for display. This is a new imaging method. The process is simple and easy to implement, not only can achieve the purpose of diagnosis, but also can alleviate the suffering of patients.

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