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customer asked me about the flat panel detector

Recently, a customer asked me about the flat panel detector, told me that I would let him tell me his needs, so as to recommend the appropriate products to meet the customer’s requirements. The customer said that their equipment was aging and wanted to buy new equipment for upgrading, so I pushed the latest 4343a of our company to him.

Flat panel detector is a kind of precise and valuable equipment, which plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Being familiar with the performance indicators of the detector will help to improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose. The core technology of digital X-ray photography is flat panel detector. Dr flat panel detector can be divided into two ways from energy conversion: indirect conversion flat panel detector and direct conversion flat panel detector.

Indirect conversion flat panel detector indirect conversion flat panel detector consists of cesium iodide and other scintillation crystal coating, thin film transistor or charge coupled device or complementary metal oxide semiconductor. Our company’s is newseek indirect flat panel detector. The working process of the indirect conversion flat panel detector is generally divided into two steps: first, the scintillation crystal coating converts the X-ray energy into visible light; second, the TF t or CCD, or CMOS converts the visible light into electrical signal. The direct conversion flat panel detector is mainly composed of amorphous selenium TFT. The incident X-ray makes the selenium layer produce electron hole pair. Under the action of external bias electric field, the electron and hole pair move in the opposite direction to form a current. The current forms a storage charge in the thin film transistor. The storage charge of each transistor corresponds to the dose of incident X-ray, Through the readout circuit, we can know the charge amount of each point, and then know the X-ray dose of each point. Because amorphous selenium does not produce visible light and has no influence of scattering line, it can obtain higher spatial resolution

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