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Customer Inquiry Image Intensifier TV System

The customer inquires about the image intensifier TV system and asks whether the customer needs a digital TV system or an analog TV system? The customer said that now the user is using an analog system, so it is enough to find a CCD camera system to replace. Ask the customer what brand and model of the current image intensifier? The customer said it was Toshiba E5764. According to the customer’s information and after implementing our company’s inventory, it is determined that 2 sets can be matched. The specific choice of which set is up to the customer to decide.
1: CCD camera + monitor 100HZ/625L + central control box (100HZ/625L) = 17,000
2: CCD camera + monitor 50HZ/1249L + central control box (50HZ/1249L) = 17,000

Now there are basically no analog TV systems on the market. If you have related needs, you can call our customer service to confirm the inventory.

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