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Dental digital DR detector

With the development of science and technology, the traditional digital DR imaging system for medical film washing is becoming more and more popular, which not only saves doctors and patients’ visiting time, but also improves the accuracy of doctors’ diagnosis of lesions.Now not only radiology X-ray examination is digitalized, dental X-ray examination is also gradually digitalized.

Shandong Newheek image equipment Co., LTD. Production of dental digital DR detector to meet the dental film digital.

Main parameters:

The actual area is 26.0×39.5×6.0m

The effective area is 20×30mm

Sensor type T5 CMOS

Scintillation GOS

Pixel size: 20 m

Resolution of the 20 + lp/mm

Gray 12 bit (4096).

The pixel matrix is 1006×1500

Line length of 3 m

Interfaces start

Image acquisition time is 1S

The acquisition exposure time is 0.1-1s

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(dental digital DR detector)

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