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Dental Probe

Dental Probe


1. The adoption of T5 CMOS technology make the image more clear, and exposure dose fewer.

2. USB directly connection make installation more simple and convenient. Once it is connect, it can be used immediately. And it doesn’t need to connect with image processor.

3. Convenient software operation procedure can collect image fast.

4. The ergonomic design like fillet and smooth edge design makes patient more comfortable.

5. Water proof design is more safe.

6. Long lifetime guarantees that the exposure time is more than 100 thousands.

Technology Parameter

Actual Area: 26.0×39.5×6.0mm

Active Area: 20×30mm

Sensor Type: T5 CMOS

Scintillator: GOS

Pixel Size: 20μm

Resolution Ratio: 20+lp/mm

Gray Scale: 12bit(4096)

Pixel Matrix: 1006×1500

Line Length: 3M

Connector: USB3.0

Image Collection Time: 1S

Collection Exposure Time: 0.1~1s

Dental Probe

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