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Dental vertical X-ray function helps people protect their teeth

Oral health is a mirror of human health, which is an important part of overall health. Oral health enables people to fully chew and enjoy delicious food. Oral health enables people to express their wishes clearly and heartily. Oral health enables people to enhance self-confidence and fully show themselves on the social stage. We should use dental X-ray machine for regular inspection. Our healthy oral standard is that teeth are clean and white without cavities. Gums are healthy and breath is fresh. However, according to the oral health epidemiological survey, at present, the oral unhealthy state in China is still quite serious, and the number of caries per capita is more than two, that is to say, the total number of cavities in China is about 2.5 billion. People need a thorough dental X-ray

Statistics show that the ratio of death or admission of patients with periodontitis due to coronary heart disease is 25% higher than that of non periodontitis. The risk rate of premature and low weight infants in severe periodontitis pregnant women is 7.5 times higher than that of normal pregnant women.Dental Vertical X-ray  machine is better to prevent these problems. The pathogenic bacteria of periodontitis make it more difficult for diabetic patients to control their metabolism than non periodontitis patients. In the course of time, the incidence rate of Alzheimer’s disease is higher than that of the brain. The use of dental X-ray machine to check teeth in language, beauty, instrumentation, especially psychological aspects of the role is also immeasurable. Because teeth are the second business card in social activities. Tooth loss and disease not only affect people’s physical health, but also affect people’s mental health. For example, when a dog’s tooth falls off the cheek, it will collapse and make people look very old.

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