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Which kind of dental X-ray machine do you prefer?

Several customers consulted the dental X-ray machine detail recently,for dental clinic . So I will share with everyone what we should pay attention to when recommending the X-ray dental machine to customer .

Our dental X-ray machines are divided into three types: portable, wall-mounted and vertical. Firstly,we have to confirm the customer’s demands,then recommend the more suitable type.

If the customer is for outdoor physical examination, or the dentist is one experienced doctor,the portable type will be suggested.If the end-user is hospital or dental clinic with strong wall covering,the wall-mounted type will be recommended.If the customer has the spacious floor, the vertical type will be advised.

Now, the digital dental X-ray machine is gradually replacing the normal film X-ray dental machine. When plugging the digital dental sensor into computer,which equipped with a 2-meter long cord and USB interface,the instant image will appear.It is very convenient for doctor’s diagnosis.

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Author: 肖恩

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