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Different sizes of animals use different doses of X-ray machines

There are currently many users inquiring about animals X-ray machines, because the users are laymen and often don’t know which equipment to choose. So this year I’ll introduce to you:

First of all, clarify which pet objects will be photographed? For small pets or medium and large pets, generally small pets can use a 50MA mobile X-ray machine. If it is a pet of about 50-60 kg, use a 100MA power frequency machine (fixed, mobile, see figure) . For large pets, you have to use a 200MA high-frequency machine.

Secondly, if the user is not sure which device to choose, he can ask what the budget is? If you want to buy equipment with high configuration or low configuration, because most X-ray machines for pets are for personal use, the funds are limited. So users often consider the price first, and then choose the configuration. With the budget, we can help customers choose the model, and then send the corresponding parameter data to the customer. Regarding the imaging method, many small clinics still use the traditional method of film washing to view images. Some customers have used flat-panel detectors for imaging. Although flat-panel detectors are expensive, they can directly view the captured images, which saves money. Working time improves work efficiency. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of vertical and mobile chest X-ray machine parts, welcome to call us!If you have any questions, please call us!

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