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Digital radiography x-ray machine for non-destructive testing

The digital radiography x-ray machine used for non-destructive testing is again called an industrial fluoroscopy machine, mainly for non-destructive testing of power electronic parts, high-voltage protective covers, etc. The main parameters of our Newheek digital radiography x-ray machine for non-destructive testing
Power supply conditions: three-phase AC 380V±22V, power supply capacity ≥30KVA
High voltage generator:
Digital high-frequency and high-voltage generating device: ≥50KW
Perspective tube voltage: manual 40~110kV, automatic 40~110kV adjustable
Perspective tube current: manual 0.3~6mA, automatic 0.3~6mA adjustable
Fluoroscopy and photography are separately adjustable: Fluoroscopy tube voltage adjustment range: ≥40-110kV Fluoroscopy tube current adjustment range: ≥0.3-6mA, continuous adjustment
Photography tube voltage adjustment range: 40-125KV; photography tube current adjustment range: 50mA-500mA
X-ray tube components: high-frequency independent head, non-combined head, can be used continuously for a long time
Image system: image intensifier ≥9 inch metal screen, center resolution ≥48 lp/mm, overall resolution: ≥20 LP/cm
Digital camera: Type: black and white, progressive;
Photosensitive device: CCD, 2/3″; A/D: 12bit;
Resolution: 1024×1024.
Inspection bench: Detachable rotating test bench (optional)
Software: Integrated industrial software (optional)
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