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Digital X-ray machine installation

For radiological maintenance technicians, this topic seems simple, but the preliminary preparations in actual work play a pivotal role. If the Newheek X-ray machine is not able to skillfully, quickly and standardizedly formulate the installation workflow before the installation of the Newheek X-ray machine, and lack a comprehensive and systematic design concept, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the future installation work and actual operation. Combining my own actual work, I summarized a few experiences and lessons in the preliminary preparations for installing the Newheek X-ray machine to share with colleagues. 1. Grounding problem: Grounding is a very important task for the installation and use of Newheek X-ray machines. There are two meanings, one is safety grounding, and it is for the personal safety of staff and patients. On the other hand, working grounding is to find a discharge point or a circuit measurement reference point for each circuit. The success and failure of grounding work is one of the key issues related to the safety of human life and whether the machine can be used normally. Grounding is measured by the value of grounding resistance and must be regularly inspected by functional departments. The value is within the specified range and cannot exceed the upper limit. Generally, the ground resistance of the ordinary Newheek X-ray machine is less than or equal to 3 ohms. For special purpose machines such as: vascular subtraction, (DSA) requires less than or equal to 1 ohm. The production method is: If the pit is dug at a depth of (1.5~2) meters from the ground according to the conventional method, the area of ​​the pit opening is (1~1.5) square meters, and the cost of laying a certain thickness of copper plate at the bottom of the pit will be very high, and the lead connection point Only one, unstable. Actually, three galvanized pipes (50 mm in diameter and 2500 mm in length) can be used, and each galvanized pipe is 3 meters apart and smashed into the ground. The head of the galvanized pipe is (300~500) mm away from the ground, and each pipe is flat. The irons are connected together, and each galvanized pipe is welded and connected to each of the galvanized pipes with grounding wires and led to the grounding wire terminal. The ground wire of the machine is also connected to the terminal. This method can meet the requirements of the machine, with low cost, easy operation and high stability. It should be the preferred method during work.
2. Power supply problem: According to the different requirements of the machine for the internal resistance of the power supply, the main consideration is the instantaneous power of the machine and the length of the distance from the power transformer, and the wire diameter (mainly copper core wire) of the machine power cord is determined. Generally, the diameter of the power cord (copper core) of the general camera Newheek X-ray machine and the gastrointestinal Newheek X-ray machine is 30 square millimeters. For special machines such as DSA, CT, etc., the power cord diameter is 50 square millimeters. The power cord is in the three-phase five-wire system (three phase wires, one neutral wire, and one ground wire) or three-phase four-wire system (three phase wires, one neutral wire, and the ground wire are connected separately). Pay attention to the phase wire Phase sequence arrangement. The power control box is placed in a convenient position for opening and closing in the control room.
3. Room design; including the design of computer room and control room. According to the requirements of machine model, performance, ease of work and radiation protection. Comprehensive consideration and reasonable design is also an important preliminary preparation. Because the Newheek X-ray machine is a special machine, the X-rays produced will cause radiation damage to the human body. Therefore, the protection of workers is a very important task and must be paid attention to. Under the condition of ensuring that the staff and working environment protection meet the national standards, consider the rationality of the room layout, work convenience and other aspects. First determine the location of the machine center point in the room according to the machine performance. In addition, the height of the room refers to the actual height of the ceiling of the room from the ground (the net height after decoration), which must meet the requirements of the maximum distance of the machine to avoid affecting the operation. The design of the observation window (commonly known as lead glass) requires lead glass with a certain lead-equivalent anti-radiation property, located in the horizontal center of the wall, and the height of its lower edge is the actual distance (800~850) mm from the ground. The hole in the wall of the computer room and the control room must be preset for the connection of the console, the control cabinet, and the bed. Generally, it is decided to wear the power frequency, medium and high frequency, and the configuration of the power stabilizer. The size of the wall hole is generally square or round, the size is 200 mm × 200 mm, the distance is 100 mm from the ground, and the number is 1 to 2. If you are building a new machine room, you should reserve an underground cable trench. The size of the cable tray depends on the machine model and the number of cables (to be used overhead). The design of the room door is composed of the computer room door and the computer room control room door. This door needs special treatment, emphasizing protection performance and easy opening. The shape of the computer room door is recommended to use two doors.
In short, the installation of the machine is a comprehensive project that must be coordinated with various departments of the hospital. As a radiological maintenance engineer, he must take charge of the overall situation, not rush, and implement step by step and plan gradually to create favorable conditions for the smooth installation of the machine.
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