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Do you know C-arm?

As we all know, C-arm is usually divided into large C-arm, medium C-arm and small C-arm. The distinguishing conditions are judged according to the size of the machine. But do you really understand C-arm?

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to C-arm. Take C-arm as an example.
Shortcomings and usage of C-arm
In simple terms, the C-arm refers to a medium-sized C-arm used for contrast, photography, etc. in various operations, also called medium C, also called a peripheral interventional C-arm. The C-arm X-ray machine is a movable X-ray machine that integrates image processing, machine and optical technology. It is generally composed of a display, a high-voltage generator, an X-ray tube, an operation control system and the like. The imaging of the C-arm X-ray machine is a two-dimensional image, which is intuitive and clear, easy for the physician to master, and easy to promote. In order to cooperate with different parts of different patients, such as: Alien E mobile C can do a variety of DSA surgery, such as obstetrics and gynecology intervention, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intervention, digestive system intervention, orthopedic intervention, peripheral large vessel intervention and tumor intervention. Clinical applications and operating room applications, performance and price ratio is relatively high.
Introduction to Newheek C-arm:
Compact design, light and handy, easy to move and operate. The pulse exposure
Mode produces superb image contrast. Powerful digital fluoroscopy system, for spe-
Civicized minimally invasive procedures , routine surgical interventions and angiogra-

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